Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 240 April 27, 1940

Continued bombing of Åndalsnes forces the port HQ commander Brigadier Hogg to signal London that the situation is hopeless without air cover or antiaircraft guns. He suggests evacuation. An arriving supply convoy is bombed from 1.45 to 5 PM and turns away from Åndalsnes without landing much-needed antiaircraft batteries.

Hogg fails to consult his superior General Paget, who is furious and believes 15th Brigade can win if given fighter and antiaircraft support. Indeed, 15th Brigade holds German 196th Division all day at Kjorem then makes an orderly overnight withdrawal 17 km North to prepared defenses at Otta.

However, Oberst Fischer’s Kampfgruppe (196th Division) under has met little resistance in the Østerdal valley to the East. They are 60 miles Northeast of Dombås at Alvdal, threatening 15th brigade from the rear.

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