Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 242 April 29, 1940

Having blown bridges to slow the German advance up the Gudbrandsdal valley, Paget’s 15th Brigade rests at Dombås while the remaining Norwegian troops withdraw through their lines. Oberst Fischer’s Kampfgruppe (196th Division) emerges from the Østerdal valley North of Dombås and links up with German troops from Trondheim, surrounding 15th brigade. Their evacuation now seems the correct course of action.

Destroyers HMS Kelly, Maori & Imperial plus French destroyer Bison (under Commander Lord Louis Mountbatten) leave Scapa Flow to evacuate Namsos, screened by cruisers HMS Devonshire and York & several destroyers.

At 5.30 PM, British submarine HMS Unity collides in fog with 1173-ton Norwegian freighter Atle Jarl in Blyth harbour and sinks in 5 minutes (4 lives lost, including Lieutenant John Low and Able Seaman Henry Miller who are posthumously awarded the George Cross for gallantry in assisting other crewmembers to escape from the sinking submarine).

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