Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 227 April 14, 1940

Vice-Admiral Whitworth’s naïve opinion that landing will be easy, diverts troops away from Narvik. British 146th Territorial Brigade (having left the Clyde on April 11 in transport ships bound for Narvik) is sent South to Namsos for an attack on Trondheim. Sadly, their artillery, anti-aircraft guns & commanding officer continue on to Narvik. To prepare for 146th Brigade’s arrival at Namsos, cruisers HMS Sheffield & Glasgow (patrolling off Trondheim) put ashore an advance party of 350 Royal Marines– the first landing of British forces in Norway.

At dusk in foul weather, Oberleutnant Herbert Schmidt & 185 Fallschirmjägers (paratroops, 7th Flieger Division) parachute on the rail & road junction at Dombås, right into Norwegian Infantry Regiment 11’s basecamp. Most are killed or captured & Schmidt is severely wounded but about 65 survive. They blow up the rail line & occupy farmhouses overlooking Dombås, hampering Norwegian mobilization for several days.

British submarine HMS Sterlet torpedoes the German gunnery training ship and minelayer Brummer in the Skagerrak. Brummer sinks the next day. http://german-navy.de/kriegsmarine/ships/training/brummer/history.html

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