Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 217 April 4, 1940

British submarine HMS Snapper departs Harwich naval base for the Skagerrak, between Denmark and Norway. French submarines Amazone and Antiope, also under the command of British Vice-Admiral Max Horton, leave Harwich to patrol the Frisian Islands and Heligoland.

Churchill is dismayed by the general lack of Allied action, and French political feuding in particular, leading to inactivity in Norway. He flies to Paris to assess the situation and resurrect his plan to lay mines in Norwegian coastal waters (Operation Wilfred). He concludes that “Wilfred should go forward notwithstanding the French refusal of Royal Marine (mining of the Rhine)”. British War cabinet is informed and agrees with his assessment.

British newspapers report concentrations of troops in German ports. This seems to go unnoticed by the military.

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