Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 241 April 28, 1940

British War Cabinet orders the evacuation of Paget’s and de Wiart’s troops around Trondheim, fuelled by Brigadier Hogg’s gloomy assessment of the situation at Åndalsnes. At 5 AM, Paget informs Norwegian General Ruge who is expecting landings at Trondheim instead of evacuation. Ruge, who has not been told of Operation Hammer’s cancellation, flies into a fit of rage. Calming himself, Ruge agrees to assist with the British retreat if Norwegian troops are withdrawn too, although he too believes 15th Brigade can hold out.

Justifying the faith in their abilities voiced by Ruge and Paget, 15th Brigade again holds German 196th Division all day at Otta & destroys 3 more light tanks. They then withdraw overnight 25 miles North to Dombås, blowing road & rail bridges to delay the German advance during the evacuation.

At Namsos, General de Wiart’s 146th Brigade retreats into a defensive perimeter. They are not pursued by German ground forces who allow Luftwaffe bombing to take its toll.

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