Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 230 April 17, 1940

Before dawn, cruiser HMS Suffolk shells German airbase at Sola Air Station, Stavanger, attempting to disrupt German air superiority over Norway. However, Suffolk’s Walrus seaplane, used to illuminate the airfield with flares & call in fire, is shot down. The shelling is inaccurate & does little damage, destroying only 4 German aircraft. Suffolk is bombed for 7 hours by German Ju88s & hit twice, reaching Scapa Flow the next morning nearly sinking (she will be out of action until February 1941).

British War Cabinet approves direct troop landings at Trondheim after naval bombardment of the coastal batteries (Operation Hammer), to be supported by land attacks from Namsos in the North and Ã…ndalsnes in the South. General Hotblack is put in charge of Hammer but suffers a stroke the same day.

At 5.33 PM, U-13 sinks British steamer SS Swainby with one torpedo 25 miles north of Shetland Islands. 38 crew members make land in lifeboats at Nor Wick Bay, Shetlands.

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