Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 794 November 2, 1941

German 132nd Infantry Division attacks Sevastopol perimeter but is held near the town of Bakhchisaray by Soviet 8th Naval Brigade and shellfire from the 305mm guns at 30th coastal battery (Germans lose 428 casualties, 40 trucks and several armored vehicles). Manstein halts the attack on Sevastopol to consolidate his hold on the Crimean. 11th Army pushes Soviet troops to the perimeter of the Crimean peninsula, effectively encircling Sevastopol. Soviet Black Sea Fleet evacuates troops from Crimean ports of Yalta, Evpatoria and Feodosia (also from the Ukrainian mainland at Tendra peninsula near Odessa), taking them to Sevastopol. Cruiser Voroshilov is badly damaged by 2 bombs from 3 Junkers Ju88s (under repair at Poti, Georgian SSR until February 1942). Despite this, Black Sea Fleet will continue to operate in and around Sevastopol knowing that the Luftwaffe is fairly weak in the region (most aircraft diverted to attack Moscow).

At 5.26 AM 250 miles Southeast of Cape Race, Newfoundland, U-208 sinks British SS Larpool (22 crew and 4 gunners lost, 11 crew picked up by the Canadian corvette HMCS Bittersweet and 6 crew in a lifeboat will land at Burin, Newfoundland on November 10.

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