Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 802 November 10, 1941

Operation Flipper. British submarines HMS Talisman and HMS Torbay depart Alexandria, Egypt, carrying 59 commandos on an audacious mission to kill Rommel. Faulty intelligence leads them to believe that his HQ is at Beda Littoria, 250 miles inside German-held Libya. In any case, Rommel is vacationing in Italy with his wife Lucie to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Operation Perpetual. British aircraft carriers HMS Ark Royal and HMS Argus depart Gibraltar, escorted by battleship HMS Malaya, cruiser HMS Hermione and 7 destroyers, transporting 37 Hurricane fighters to be flown to Malta.

In the Sea of Crete, British submarine HMS Proteus sinks German steamer Ithaka off the island of Milos and Greek submarine Glaukos damages German steamer Norburg, North of Crete.

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