Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 807 November 15, 1941

Germans begin phase 2 of attack on Moscow (Operation Typhoon). Infantry with tanks from 1st Panzer Division push Soviet 30th Army back from around the Volga Reservoir and Moscow Sea Reservoir, 75 miles North of Moscow. Stalin orders Zhukov to mount spoiling attacks along the entire defensive line, which will only serve to weaken the Soviet defenses but do little to disrupt the German preparations.

At 5 PM just off the coast of USSR 150 miles Southeast of Murmansk, U-752 attacks Soviet minelayer ZM-93 Jushar (loaded with mines) and her escort, minesweeping trawler T-889. T-889 forces U-752 to dive with gunfire but is torpedoed at 6.49 PM (all 43 hands lost). At 9.48 PM in the Baltic Sea 90 miles Northeast of Gdansk, U-583 sinks after a collision with U-153 (all 45 hands lost).

Operation Flipper. Colonel Keyes’s commandos shelter during the day. Overnight, they hike 18 miles inland to a cave 1 mile from the target at Beda Littoria.

The second freighter in Operation Astrologer, SS Empire Defender, Italian SM.79 torpedo-bombers is sunk by off the coast of Tunisia near the Galite Islands (4 killed).

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