Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 815 November 23, 1941

Operation Crusader. Confused fighting continues around Sidi Rezegh. Allied infantry arrive near Sidi Rezegh having covered 50 miles across the desert from the Egyptian border in 2 days. Rommel sends General Ludwig Crüwell with 15th Panzer and Italian Ariete Divisions circling around the British tanks from the South, to disorganize the Allied rear echelons and return next morning. Overnight, confused and beaten, British 7th Armored Division withdraws 20 miles having lost 60% of its tanks. Germans take control of Sidi Rezegh. General Cunningham commanding British 8th Army begins to doubt his ability to beat the Panzers.

Operation Typhoon. 50 miles Northwest of Moscow, LVI Panzer Corps (3rd Panzer Army) cuts the road North and South of Klin where Soviet 30th Army has been holding their advance for 5 days. General Lelyushenko withdraws 30th Army at the last minute back towards the Moskva/Volga canal. LVI Panzer Corps then races 10 miles Southeast along the railway line towards Moscow and captures the town of Solnechnogorsk.

Siege of Leningrad Day 77. Trucks begin making the 40 mile round trip along the Road of Life, carrying 100 tons daily across frozen Lake Ladoga. Leningraders need 600 tons a day to survive.

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