Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 796 November 4, 1941

Overnight, Soviet destroyers Smetlivy and Surovy (escorted by 4 minesweepers, 4 torpedo boats and 4 submarine hunters) sail from Suursaari in the Gulf of Finland to evacuate troops from Hango Peninsula, Finland. Smetlivy is hit by Finnish artillery during the embarkation at Hango naval base. On the return journey in the evening, Smetlivy sinks in the Corbetha minefield (several hundred troops killed, 350 rescued and returned to Hango by minesweeper T-205). 1200 troops arrive safely at Kronstadt near Leningrad.

Fighting continues on the Crimean peninsula, as German 11th Army cleans out the remaining Soviet troops. 170th Division captures the port of Feodosiya on the East side, at the base of the Kerch peninsula.

Soviet submarine M-34 is lost in the Black Sea near Constanza, Romania, presumably to a mine (all hands killed).

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