Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 803 November 11, 1941

U-580 collides with target ship SS Angelburg and sinks in the Baltic Sea, 33 miles West of Klaipėda, Lithuania (12 dead, 32 survivors). At 2.15 PM in the Bay of Biscay, an RAF Hudson (53 Squadron) drops 4 depth charges on which is returning to Brest, France. Despite damage to an engine and the aft diving planes, U-203 is able to reach base next day. At 11.35 PM, U-561 sinks neutral Panamanian SS Meridian (all 26 hands lost).

Overnight, Soviet destroyers Stoiki & Leningrad, minelayer Ural, troopship Andrei Zhdanov & 3 minesweepers set out in a storm from Suursaari in the Gulf of Finland to evacuate troops from Hango Peninsula. The flotilla turns back to Suursaari after Andrei Zhdanov hits a mine and sinks (7 killed, 66 rescued by escort ships) and destroyer Leningrad is damaged by mines.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such organized time line of WW 2.Supposedly America was not involved until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in 1941. The reason why America whether or not wanted to be involved they were drawn to World War 2. I just hope WW 3 wouldn't happen.