Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 795 November 3, 1941

While the forward elements of Guderian’s Panzers (renamed Panzer Army 2) attack Tula, other units capture the city of Kursk 180 miles Southwest, eliminating a threat to his flank.

U-202 and U-203 sink 4 British steamers in convoy SC-52 200 miles Northeast of Newfoundland. At 5 AM, U-202 sinks SS Flynderborg (3 killed, 21 survivors picked up by Canadian corvette HMCS Windflower) and SS Gretavale (38 dead, 6 survivors picked up by HMCS Windflower). At 6.28 PM, U-203 sinks SS Everoja (all 36 crew and 5 gunners picked up by British corvette HMS Nasturtium) and SS Empire Gemsbuck (all 37 crew and 6 gunners picked up by Canadian corvette HMCS Buctouche).

Soviet submarine ShCh-214 sinks Turkish schooner Kaynakdere with gunfire in the Black Sea.

British submarine HMS Proteus damages Italian tanker Tampico 50 miles Southeast of Athens, Greece. HMS Proteus is then chased off by Italian torpedo boats Monzambano and Castelfidardo.

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