Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 797 November 5, 1941

Japanese troops currently occupy parts of China and French Indo-China. To prevent further Japanese expansion, the Netherlands ,USA and Britain block exports to Japan, particularly oil,. The new Prime Minister of Japan (General Hideki Tōjō), Chief of the Imperial Japanese Naval General Staff (Admiral Osami Nagano) and Emperor Hirohito agree on war if final diplomatic initiatives fail. USA is presented with a weak compromise agreement but during the negotiations, the Japanese Fleet will leave on November 25 to carry out Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's plan to attack Pearl Harbor. The last day to recall the Fleet will be November 30.

In the Sea of Japan 200 miles South of Vladivostok, USSR, Japanese passenger ship Kehi Maru sinks on a Soviet mine 75 miles off the coast of Korea (131 killed from 80 crew and 430 passengers). The incident strains relations between USSR and Japan.

Soviet submarine ShCh-214 sinks Italian tanker Torcello in the Black Sea. Submarine ShCh-324 is lost in the Baltic Sea near Tallinn, Estonia, most likely on a mine (all 38 hands lost).

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