Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 125 January 3, 1940

Soviet submarine S-2 hits a mine (all 50 crew lost) in the Sea of Åland between Finland and Sweden. Both countries claim the sinking in their waters.

Battle of Raate Road. Soviet 44th division stubbornly resists further attacks and the Finns do not manage to cut the stationary column. The immobilised Soviet troops desperately try to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures, flocking to field kitchens for warm food and huddling around log fires cut from the expansive forests. In simple but stunningly effective tactics, the Finns target the kitchens & fires to wear down the Soviet soldiers with cold & hunger and Finnish snipers select Red Army officers. Colonel Siilasvuo prepares for coordinated attacks on 44th division’s extended flanks. He sends two regiment-size Task Forces (TF Kari and TF Fagernas) skiing along his ice road as far as 20 miles to the Soviet border, just south of Raate.

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