Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 137 January 15, 1940

Finland. The Finnish & Soviet Armies face each other along the entire frontier but there is little movement. On the Karelian Isthmus, Red Army shells the Mannerheim Line to wear down the Finns & chip away at their defenses. Red Army divisions have been abandoned by Stalin and are freezing all the way North from Lake Lagoda. Held at Salla, Raate & Kollaa, they are isolated and chopped into mottis by the Finns.

Bay of Biscay. At midnight, U-44 sinks Norwegian steamer SS Fagerheim with one torpedo (15 lives lost). 5 survivors are rescued and taken to Vigo, Spain. Later, at 7 AM, Dutch MV freighter Arendskerk tries to outrun U-44 but is stopped with seven shots across her bow. The crew is ordered to abandon ship and Arendskerk is sunk with one torpedo & shells from the deck gun. All 65 crew are picked up by the Italian steamer Fedora, transferred to the Dutch passenger-freighter Poelau Bras and landed at Lisbon, Portugal.

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