Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 152 January 30, 1940

German planes again bomb shipping in the English Channel and North Sea. British cargo steamers SS Highwave, Giralda and Bancrest are sunk off the Orkney Islands, Scotland. SS Voreda is badly damaged and beached off the East Anglian Coast on Winterton Shoal.

At 7 AM, U-55 attacks convoy OA-80G, sinking British tanker SS Vaclite about 50 miles off Land’s End, England. The crew of 35 is picked up by the Italian steamer SS Pollenzo and landed at Barry. At 11 AM, U-55 attacks again, sinking Greek SS Keramiai. U-55 is sunk by depth charges from the escorts HMS Whitshed, HMS Fowey and French destroyers Valmy and GuĂ©pard, and a RAF Short Sunderland from No. 228 Squadron (41 survivors are rescued but Kapitänleutnant Werner Heidel goes down with his ship).

German torpedo boat Iltis mistakes U-15 for an enemy submarine and rams her 50 miles North of Wilhelmshaven, Germany. U-15 sinks with all 25 hands lost.

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