Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 129 January 7, 1940

Battle or Raate Road ends. The day begins with heavy fighting and ends with a complete rout of Soviet 44th division. At 3 AM, the mottis at the Western end (the head) of the Soviet column collapse completely. As the day progresses, Soviet 44th division gradually gives up the entire length of Raate Road with soldiers trying to retreat back to safety in the USSR or scattering into the woods. Finns again hold their positions where Raate Road crosses the destroyed Purasjoki River bridge, limiting the Soviet retreat. Finnish troops at the village of Raate near the border block an attempt to relieve 44th division with fresh troop from USSR. Only a few pockets of Soviet troops remain to be mopped up by the Finns.

In separate incidents near Heligoland, German Minesweepers and A/S trawlers sink Royal Navy submarines HMS Seahorse (all 36 crew lost) and HMS Undine. Undine’s crew of 27 are rescued by their attackers.

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