Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 133 January 11, 1940

Finland. Finnish IV Corps surrounds Soviet 168th division in the "Great Motti of Kitilä", North of Lake Lagoda. This does not precipitate a battle of destruction as happened to Soviet 44th division on Raate Road, but 168th division is immobilized, rendered ineffective and gradually broken into smaller mottis by 4th Jaeger battalion led by Major Matti Aarnio. He becomes famous as "Motti-Matti".

At 11 AM, British oil tanker SS El Oso hits a mine and sinks 6 miles west of the Bar Lightship, Liverpool (3 lives lost). Captain and 31 men are taken to Liverpool by British destroyer HMS Walker.

At 4.32 PM, U-23 torpedoes and sinks Norwegian coal carrier SS Fredville (collecting coal from Methil, Scotland), 100 miles east of the Orkney Islands (11 lives lost). 5 survivors in a lifeboat are taken to Kopervik, Norway by a Swedish ship.

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