Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 146 January 24, 1940

At 11.40 AM, U-44 sinks French steamer SS Alsacien (cargo of phosphate from Africa to France) with one torpedo 5 miles off the Portuguese coast, near Lisbon (4 lives lost).

U-23 has been hunting Norwegian steamer SS Varild (in ballast between Norway and England) since 8 PM the day before. U-23, fires 2 torpedoes but the first jams in the tube the second runs off course, becoming a kreisläufer (circle runner). U-23’s third torpedo sinks Varild at 7 PM off the East coast of Scotland (all 15 hands lost).

Finland. Force Talvela still holds Soviet 8th Army at Kolla, with attacks and counterattacks along Aittojoki (River Aitto; joki is river in Finnish).

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