Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 131 January 9, 1940

2.21 AM, Norwegian merchant Manx is torpedoed by U-19 off Northeast Scotland and sinks rapidly with 9 hands lost. 8 men escape on an upturned lifeboat but Norwegian steamer Leka rescues only 4 survivors 8 hours later. Norwegian merchant Isis rescues 2 men on a raft.

10 AM, British submarine HMS Starfish attacks German minesweeper M-7 off Heligoland Bight, Germany, but her torpedoes misfire. M-7 attacks Starfish with depth charges all day. Starfish escapes to bottom at 27m but with water pouring in, Lt. Thomas Turner orders Starfish to surface at 6.20 PM. All hands escape & are taken as POWs. Starfish sinks. After losing submarines HMS Seahorse and Undine on Jan 7, Britain suspends operations in Heligoland Bight.

British Liner SS Dunbar Castle hits a mine and sinks off Ramsgate, Southeast England. The Captain, 7 crewmen, 1 passenger and a racehorse are killed. Chief Officer Herbert Robinson wins the OBE for evacuating 189 survivors in the lifeboats.

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