Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 143 January 21, 1940

U-22 has a busy morning in the Moray Firth, Scotland. At 5.38 AM, U-22 fires at British MV Cyprian Prince but misses and at 6 AM sinks British destroyer HMS Exmouth with one torpedo (all 189 lives lost). At 7.11 AM Danish SS Tekla is hit by one torpedo killing 4 crew members. 10 men in the starboard lifeboat are hit by the ship’s mast (5 men drowned). 9 survivors are rescued by destroyer HMS Sikh and Norwegian SS Iris.

Swedish steam merchant SS Andalusia goes missing early in the morning off the West coast of Scotland (all 21 hands lost), believed sunk by U-55.

British cruiser HMS Liverpool stops Japanese liner Asama Maru 35 miles from Japan and imprisons 21 German sailors, survivors of the German liner Columbus (scuttled off the US coast on December 19 1939) who are returning to Germany. After Japanese diplomatic protests, 9 Germans will be returned to Japan by the British as "unsuitable for military service".

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