Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 132 January 10, 1940

On the day that Hitler sets the date for the much-postponed invasion of France, Belgium and Holland (for January 17), the Case Yellow plans fall into Allied hands. Two Luftwaffe Majors Reinberger and Hoenmanns fly a complete set of operational plans (contravening standard security procedures) from Loddenheide airfield in Münster to 7th Air Fallschirmjäger (paratrooper) Division in Cologne. They get lost in fog and crash land near Mechelen-sur-Meuse, Belgium. Their attempt to burn the plans before they are captured fails and the Belgians pass the remaining papers to the Allies. The German military attaché to Holland soon learns of the breach and Case Yellow will be cancelled forever.

Military training starts for 350 Hungarian men to fight in Finland (out of 25,000 volunteers). They will ultimately become Hungarian Volunteer Detached Battalion commanded by Lieutenant Imre Kémeri Nagy with 24 officers, 52 NCOs, 2 doctors and 2 padres.

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