Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 147 January 25, 1940

Germany tests Norwegian, Belgian and Dutch neutrality. U-14 sinks Norwegian SS Biarritz, sailing from Antwerp (Belgium) to Oslo, 36 miles off the coast of Holland. 26 crew and 11 passengers (including women and several Norwegian sailors returning home) die. 21 survivors are picked up by Norwegian steamer Borgholm. Despite this provocation, Norway remains steadfastly neutral, paralysed by fear of German aggression.

At 04.11 AM, U-44 sinks French SS Tourny in convoy 56-KS with one torpedo 20 miles off Porto, Portugal (8 lives lost, 9 survivors rescued by Spanish steamer Castillo Monforte). U-44 hunts another steamer all night but is depth charged and chased off by an escort vessel.

5 miles off the east coast of England near Newcastle, U-19 sinks Latvian SS Everene at 9.12 PM (1 killed, 30 survivors picked up by British fishing boats Dole and Evesham), and Norwegian SS Gudveig at 9.30 (10 lives lost, 8 survivors).

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